Photo Chris SmithEveryone has a purpose and mine is creating gripping media content for the Australian Road Transport Industry.

To introduce myself, I am Chris Smith, a modern transport industry journalist and media consultant.

I have written for, and been the editor of, some of Australia’s most iconic transport publications including Truckin’ Life, Big Rigs and ABC magazine.

I have also worked as the technical editor for ATN and Owner//Driver.

However, my experience isn’t limited to the transport industry.

I studied journalism at the University of Queensland, worked as an online editor at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and worked as a media advisor for a federal politician.

My experience has given me a great insight into all sides of the media equation.

My specialities include creating feature articles, technical articles, product reviews, news, developing media content for online and creating marketing collateral.

Regardless of how big or small your business is at some point you may need a bit of media help.

If you are targeting the transport industry or if you are in the industry and need to promote your business or organisation to the general public… contact me.