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Truckfest – a new adventure in mobile marketing 0

It’s been a while since I have updated my website on what I am up to, and its been a lot. We are currently looking for manufacturers to sponsor our Truckfest Trailer. We are looking for temporary or permanent prime movers to pull our 40 foot promotional trailer. I have partnered with Truckfest, a mobile marketing […]

To break the embargo or not break the embargo? That shouldn’t even be a question. 0

For media professionals an embargo can be a powerful tool for controlling your corporate message. An embargo in journalism is a ban of the information being disseminated to an audience. You may have heard the broader term of embargo as a  ban on trade or commercial activity with another entity or country. The power of a […]

2014 QTA Award Winners 0

I would like to congratulate all the Queensland Trucking Association award winners and the QTA for hosing a wonderful celebration of trucking. The 2014 winners were exceptional, as always, and special thanks go out to young Christopher Knight for the most entertaining speech of the night. The first of two Driving Excellence Award winners is […]


Brisbane Shot

G20 Summit Traffic and Transport information 0

The website has been updated now and is the recommended as the “source of truth” for anyone looking for G20 info. Please encourage your association members or readership base to check it. The site also includes detail on specific areas including South Bank, Airport, CBD and Brisbane Showgrounds: Due to the nature and […]

Walking a fine line between PR and advertising 0

It’s true, great public relations and frequently released company and customer related stories or press releases can score you valuable free media exposure. However, there still needs to be a balance between advertising if you sell a product or a service. Working on the PR and journalistic sides of the business it is easy to see these […]

Is it wise to snub a major transport event? 0

There is a question mark of the need and relevance of a major truck show in Australia every year. A PR war of sorts has come to the surface between Cat Trucks and the organisers of the Melbourne Truck Show. Basically Cat’s not going in 2014 because they have the Perth Truck and Trailer Show […]

How do you keep a company page alive? 0

This is the first of the blogs on my new website. How do you keep a company website alive? As politicians would say, that’s a good question! A company website is a great marketing tool. You wouldn’t be without one these days. However, if you have a service rather than products, or a product that doesn’t […]

New Website Launched 0

Media Consultant Chris Smith has updated his website with a new WordPress site. “It’s important to have a functional website and there are many options for small to medium businesses to get an online presence,” said Chris. He added although his website was basic, he plans to add further features in order to give […]