How do you keep a company page alive?

This is the first of the blogs on my new website.

How do you keep a company website alive? As politicians would say, that’s a good question!

A company website is a great marketing tool. You wouldn’t be without one these days. However, if you have a service rather than products, or a product that doesn’t change often the challenge is to keep something new on the website.

One way to do this is by promoting company news. A good source of generating company news is by supporting industry events or charities. This can act as a three-fold device by generating something new on a website as well as getting your name into the mainstream media and getting you face-to-face with industry peers or grass routes clients.

It can also mean your company name and contact details can be seen on posters and flyers, on websites and through social media.

You don’t need to be a massive company to sponsor an event or an aspect of event. Sure the likes of BP sponsored the Brisbane Truck Show (you’ll notice on the BP website they are also sponsoring the McGrath Foundation) but smaller companies like  SkuzzTrans sponsor smaller shows like the recent Grafton Truck Show with great success and peer recognition.

The aim is to be seen, and tell people when you are seen!

If you are confused about media exposure and would like to get some advice, contact me!