Is it wise to snub a major transport event?

There is a question mark of the need and relevance of a major truck show in Australia every year.

A PR war of sorts has come to the surface between Cat Trucks and the organisers of the Melbourne Truck Show.

Basically Cat’s not going in 2014 because they have the Perth Truck and Trailer Show this month and a new model launch in 2014 and can’t see the point in investing in another major truck show.

It’s true not much changes in transport quickly, except for registration charges they always go up. But the model line ups and new products generally take a few years to come around and generally speaking are dictated to by legislation.

If there is a new emissions standard or compulsory piece of equipment needed to be put on a vehicle or something along those lines. However, there are product changes just because it’s time to update or something has been developed.

Truck shows cost massive dollars, take up company resources and sometimes tangible return on investment figures aren’t really measurable.

However, in this industry appearances are everything and you need to be seen. If you’re not there and not seen then questions are asked by the people that buy your products, however justified your reasoning is.

Let me know what you think?