Walking a fine line between PR and advertising

It’s true, great public relations and frequently released company and customer related stories or press releases can score you valuable free media exposure. However, there still needs to be a balance between advertising if you sell a product or a service.

Working on the PR and journalistic sides of the business it is easy to see these days the hunger for quality releases to fulfil an ever increasing online requirement for website news and electronic newsletters.

My advice if you are a regular advertiser that doesn’t create press releases, start now because your media outlets owe you. Your company and client news is important and will go far in humanising your brand.

However, particularly in the transport industry, frequent creators of PR and the frequent advertisers are often mutually exclusive.

Simply put, media outlets get tired of running press releases from companies that offer products or services which don’t spend money on advertising.

For the serial releasers of press releases the message will sink in. You need to support the media outlets that have supported you – otherwise they will no doubt abandon you when you need them the most.