G20 Summit Traffic and Transport information

The g20.org website has been updated now and is the recommended as the “source of truth” for anyone looking for G20 info.Brisbane Shot
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The site also includes detail on specific areas including South Bank, Airport, CBD and Brisbane Showgrounds:

Due to the nature and scale of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, and to ensure a safe and secure meeting environment – changes to Brisbane’s traffic and transport network are required for the week between 10 and 17 November 2014, and particularly over the days of 14, 15 and 16 November 2014.

For most people in Brisbane it will be business as usual over the long weekend. However people living, working or travelling across the Brisbane CBD and South Brisbane can expect significant changes to the operation of Brisbane’s traffic and transport network.

This will result in increased journey times for motorists, and changes to parking and public transport. Impacts will be greatest in the Brisbane CBD, South Brisbane and routes to and from the airport and the city, and there may be flow on effects and congestion across Brisbane.

Taxi companies and other transport providers will be subject to the same delays. Emergency services will be operational over the long weekend and people requiring emergency medical attention should always use emergency services, not try to make their own way to seek help.

Residents in the Brisbane CBD and South Brisbane who have special access requirements over the long weekend should contact G20transportinfo@pmc.gov.au.

Consider your need to travel If you are travelling across Brisbane, consider your need to travel through South Brisbane and the Brisbane CBD. The majority of the public transport network outside of central Brisbane will be unaffected.

The Brisbane CBD and South Brisbane will be open to residents and visitors but we recommend you plan your journey to access these areas.

Plan your journey and consider your options There will be significant on-street parking restrictions, lane and road closures around Brisbane CBD, South Brisbane and to and from the airport.

If you are travelling to or across these areas, the best option is to use public transport, cycle or walk. If driving is your only option, you should try to avoid the areas of congestion in the Brisbane CBD or South Brisbane and plan alternative routes.

Allow extra time If you are travelling to the Brisbane CBD, South Brisbane or the airport, plan to arrive early and allow extra time for the journey.

Road diversions will be in place to assist you in reaching your destination; however, these may require additional time to complete your journey.

Access for residents and businesses will be maintained The majority of the Brisbane CBD and South Brisbane will be open for everyone and people who live and work in the area will be able to continue to enjoy their regular weekend activities.

However there will be changes to roads, parking and public transport. Where possible, residents are encouraged to walk or cycle as the majority of footpaths will be open.